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How Mudjacking Works

Step 1: Look for the concrete slab or area that is not at the proper level or height and needs to be filled to get the proper concrete level.

Step 2: When the problem is exactly located, then we will start to make a small drilling hole into the concrete slab. Since we usually use a small drill bit, the hole should be between 2″-3″.

Step 3: After the holes have been drilled in the concrete, then a mix of concrete and soil will be injected through the drilled holes.

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Step 4: During this step the concrete slabs will start to raise as we inject the mudjacking mix. We are able to adjust the level precisely for your concrete slabs as needed. Sometimes it requires us to jump or walk on your concrete to get the required level.

Step 5: As the required level has been acquired, it is time to start filling in each hole and patch it. If your concrete has a different color, we are able to match the concrete patch with your existing concrete as well. After the patching you will barely notice it. And this is how it works! Your concrete has been leveled in no-time! Now you have gotten a cheaper, easier, more affordable, and faster solution than replacing the concrete.

Step 6: The last step is only for the clean-up. We will make sure your area has no mess after we leave. The only requirement is for us is to have access to a hose. 

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