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Which Services Do We Have?

Our concrete company offers Mudjacking services. It can also be known as concrete lifting, concrete raising, concrete leveling, or slab jacking. Do you have a sinking concrete? We help you out to level up your concrete floors.

In case you are facing trouble with uneven driveways, level garage floors, uneven patios, concrete steps, sinking walkways, or rough concrete, we have your back. We are a committed business company specializing in residential and commercial mudjacking in Des Moines, IA and the nearest cities.

Concrete leveling done for a sidewalk at a home in South Side, Des Moines IA.
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What does mudjacking mean?

Mudjacking is a term given to concrete leveling. It is the action of concrete raising on floors that have sunk. The concrete gets leveled through mudjacking that which constists of a mix of cement, water, and a sand blend.

The grout solution then gets leveled to raise the sunken floor to a suitable height. Depending on what you like, you can decide to have a grout color that would match your wall finish.

Which kind of floors can you mudjack?

S&D Mudjacking Des Moines company has incomparable expert mudjacking technicians with immense experience in leveling up any driveway slabs, garage floors, sunken sideways, and concrete patios found in homes and office premises.

Make an effort today to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We are glad to help you have a leveled surface in your home or workplace.

Where do you operate?

We serve in Des Moines, IA. But we also serve towns and surrounding cities in Polk County, Warren County, and Dallas County in Iowa like Sheldahl, Alleman, Elkhart, Farrar, Polk City, Herrold, Ankeny, Enterprise, Bondurant, Santiago, Grimes, Johnston, Saylorville, Marquisville, Berwick, Altoona, Mitchellville, Lovington, Norwoodville, Capitol Heights, Urbandale, Clive, Windsor Heights, Desmoines, Pleasant Hill, Ivy, West Des Moines, Avon Lake, Adelphi, Runnells, Cumming, Norwalk, Carlisle, Orilla, Hartford, Churchville, Prole, Spring Hill, Summerset, Palmyra, Martensdale, Bevington, Indianola, Ackworth, Sandyville, Beech, St Marys, Milo, New Virginia, Liberty Center, Lacona, Dawson, Perry, Bouton, Woodward, Minburn, Granger, Dallas Center, Linden, Redfield, Adel, Waukee, Dexter, Van Meter

If you do not see your town or city in the list, please give us a call and we can check if we are able to come to your area.

What are the benefits of having concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling or mudjacking helps to guard your home floors or office surfaces. For instance, the concrete slab can sometimes malfunction, causing water to stagnate on your concrete floors. As a result, it may lead to water damage on the concrete floors forcing you to pay for foundation bracing that can get costly.

Apart from the risks that come with water damage, leveling your floors won’t go in vain. You will have efficient and safe grounds to step on once more.

A before and after comparison of a concrete sidewalk for a home in Grimes, Grimes AL.

How much does mudjacking cost? The cost of leveling depends on the size and complexity of the mudjacking project. A small leveling job won’t cost you lots of dollars. However, if the job is a bit immense, it would cost more. Fortunately, the sweet part about mudjacking is that it is always way much better than purchasing new concrete.

In this way, going for mudjacking or concrete leveling is much cheaper and affordable. In case you need a free personal quote for the services we do offer, don’t shy away to give us a call right away.

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Is mudjacking cheaper than replacing concrete?

Mudjacking and any concrete leveling services are cheaper. When compared to buying new concrete, leveling would cost half the price.

What are the causes of concrete sinking?

Several reasons can make your concrete sink unceremoniously, with natural causes being one of them. When it happens, soil and the ground under the concrete receive a considerable impact. For instance, if an earthquake or soil erosion occurs, your previously flat and leveled concrete begins to shift and even sink.

You cannot see the changes immediately because they occur slowly. As years go on, you will notice that your concrete surfaces have changed shape and position. It would help if you didn’t panic when you start seeing such changes in your home or office as usual and can get fixed by excellent companies.

A cracked residential concrete driveway in Newport Vista, Johnston IA.

Such natural shifts and phenomenon commonly occur in places which experience freeze-thaw cycles with Des Moines, IA being one of them. It is where our mudjacking services come into play to help you level the affected concrete surfaces.

How did I get voids on my concrete?

Void on your concrete is a result of water at the bottom of the surface. When water gets underneath the concrete floor, it erodes soil. As a result, it leads to the emergence of several substantial issues such as cracking, buckling, or settling of the grout.

Can rodents cause concrete cracks and buckles?

You are right! Rodents can cause concrete to crack and buckle. The ability of groundhogs to dig tunnels underneath cannot get overlooked. As they explore, they make your concrete surfaces to get weak and eventually crack.

What if I replace my concrete surfaces without mudjacking it?

It is much more expensive to replace concrete slabs. Replacing involves many costs digging up the previous grout and replacing the whole concrete floors, patios, or concrete slabs. Sit and think of the unnecessary expenses involved in the entire process.

You wouldn’t wish to incur so much, mostly if you are working on a tight budget. The best option is to have a reputable company to do quality mudjacking or concrete leveling.

Besides, deciding to mudjack will save you lots of time. You won’t have to spend much time raising the concrete. Mudjacking and concrete leveling is an easy and decent procedure than having to purchase new concrete.

How much time will you spend on mudjacking?

The process largely depends on the amount of work that you have. However, you can get sure that you will spend an hour or more hours mudjacking, depending on the complexity and size of the service you need to get done. The sweet part about mudjacking is that you are free to immediately step on the concrete when you get done with the process.

Does mudjacking need the owner at home during the process?

If your concrete slabs get located on your home’s exterior parts, you won’t have to stay home while we do the leveling. In case you are busy and have other things to attend to, you can make sure that we will do an excellent job on your patios and sidewalks in your absence.

However, if the slabs get located on your house’s interior, maybe in the garage, living room, or bedrooms, we will need your permission and presence to access the interior space and have them mudjacked.

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Get The Job Done By Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience


What entails the mudjacking process?

Below is explained in short 3 steps how the process works. Just in case you are curious and want to understand more exactly how the mudjacking process works, make sure that you take a look at our “What Is Mudjacking” page. The video there will help you understand what concrete leveling process is.

An illustration mudjacking drilling which is the first step in explaining the mudjacking process for a situation in Berkshire, Urbandale IA.

Step 1

Mudjack pumping which is the second step in explaining the mudjack process for a situation in Days Run, Urbandale IA.

Step 2

The last step in the process of mudjacking is patching the concrete, example for a situation in Rolling Green, Urbandale IA.

Step 3

What are the reasons to choose concrete leveling than merely replacing the concrete?

There are significant reasons you should consider concrete leveling rather than replacing the concrete slabs in your home. Choosing to mudjack would save you the cost and time you would spend on replacing your concrete floors.

For example, if the substantial area that needs to get repaired is still in a fair condition. In this case, concrete leveling or mudjacking is the best option, especially if your concrete surfaces have not been heavily broken.

The good news is that the whole leveling process won’t take up much of your time and cast last for a few hours or days. It will save your time a great deal, and within no time, you will walk and drive on your concrete floors. With this incredible process, you don’t have to spend time waiting for concrete surfaces to dry thoroughly.

Concrete sidewalk in Glynn Village of Waukee, Waukee IA getting concrete leveling done.

Does mudjacking produce lots of noise? What happens to dust and debris?

Do you want to know whether the products are noisy or not? The mudjacking pump produces some noise. Noises get brought about when we start drilling small holes into your concrete slab. During the process of drilling and sawing, the dust gets also released into the surrounding area.

However, whatever happens, we will ensure that we minimize any disturbance brought about by the job we do. You can get confident that before we leave, we will ensure that your environment is cleaner than we found it.

How much space will we need to perform the services?

Space requirements will largely depend on the size of the concrete floors that need leveling. Leveling big sizes will require more space in your hood or office. Fortunately, if you need anything clarified before we embark on concrete leveling, you are free to inquire with us. Contact us to get in touch with any of our professionals at S&D Mudjacking Des Moines.

Will mudjacking or concrete leveling destroy my beautiful yard and sprinklers?

Trust us when we tell you that our concrete leveling process won’t destroy or affect any of your assets negatively. However, if your yard is wet due to the running sprinklers, your garden may only receive minimal bruises from our mudjacking pump.

Will my concrete crack due to mudjacking?

It is so rare for your concrete surfaces to crack during the leveling process. As professionals, we ensure that your concrete surfaces are leveled to the most appropriate height in the process of mudjacking to avoid buckles.

However, at times concrete surfaces get small cracks based on the quality of the concrete used. During the mudjacking process, such gaps can enlarge when slabs get moved. Please don’t panic; these cracks are invisible since they are at the bottom.

You can always contact our experienced and professional mudjackers to fix any cracks for you. They will perform a fantastic job of having the breakages sealed completely. If you allow our skilled mudjackers to do the job, you are unlikely to see those cracks again.

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Get The Job Done By Professionals With Over 20 Years Experience


What is the correct number of concrete holes required?

The number of concrete holes to get drilled into the concrete slab will largely depend on the substantial surface size you want to get leveled. Besides, the amount of movement that the concrete has made is also another essential dependent factor.

Should patch drilled holes get in line with the concrete slab after mudjacking?

Why not? In case you purchase a new concrete slab, you will notice a slight difference as it is a light color. The new holes will match the concrete surfaces. However, if the concrete looks old, we have to ensure that the patch matches the slabs to look incredible.

Which problems are likely to happen during mudjacking? It would help if you got a professional mudjacking technician to perform the leveling task for you. Having a skilled mudjacker will help prevent your concrete surfaces from cracking during the leveling process.

If you are not careful with who you choose, you can end up incurring losses. Pick us as your local mudjacking company to get the best services.

Before situation of a concrete driveway in Country Club Woods, Clive IA.


After result of a home garage in Country Club Woods, Clive AL.


What are the consequences of not mudjacking?

Consequences will largely depend on the concrete areas that need to get leveled. If you have a patio slab or walkways that have moved, you risk expensive water damage that would destroy your house’s foundation.

Consequently, if your concrete slabs are not on a leveled ground, chances are higher that you will trip and fall off as you walk. In case you want the menace solved, contact us to guide you and give you excellent advice.

What are the ways to stop my concrete from cracking or sinking?

If you want to prevent your concrete level from sinking, you will need to ensure that the soils at the bottom remain compact. Another aspect to remember is that your ground outside towards your home or office building should stay in a sloping position.

Moreover, your drainage systems ought to get installed well to collect water on your concrete. Lastly, drilled holes on your concrete slabs should get sealed correctly.

Is it possible to lower concrete slabs during mudjacking?

It is not possible to have your concrete slabs lowered during the mudjacking process. The leveling process involves raising the concrete slabs to have an even surface. We also can perform a concrete grinding process to ensure that we achieve a flat concrete surface.

Can your company level sidewalks previously lift or buckled by tree roots?

You can trust us to do it for you if your concrete surfaces have gotten moved by the roots of trees. If you face such a problem, having your concrete mudjacked is the best decision you can ever make.

Depending on what is best for you, concrete grinding or mudjacking is what we can use to have an even surface once more. However, if your concrete floors have gotten lifted by the roots, the concrete leveling process is not the best option to lower your concrete surfaces.

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What does concrete grinding mean, and how do you go about it?

Concrete grinding is a leveling option when slabs can’t get leveled through the mudjacking process. It refers to a rigorous process where concrete gets “shaved” (or ground up) to consistent with the slab height. The process is the best pick and budget-friendly to make uneven floors flat once more.

How many years will my concrete leveling services last?

You must select an experienced concrete leveling company with skilled personnel to do the challenging task for you. You won’t have regrets later if you pick S&D Mudjacking Des Moines to do the mudjacking or concrete leveling service for your home or office. With us, you can get confident that your concrete will last for an extended period.

We use a quality rock solution that doesn’t wear out under the soil. You can have faith in us to do an exceptional job.

Will I need maintenance of concrete leveling or mudjacking services once the job gets done?

Once we perform the leveling task, you won’t need any maintenance. However, under exceptional circumstances, we recommend minimal supervision after your surfaces are mudjacked or on specific leveled areas as projects do vary. You may need to put up caulk joints or do some repairs on your drainage systems.

Does my home or office building have structural issues if I request for mudjacking? It is not the case. Typically, mudjacking gets done when the ground soil underneath naturally moves the concrete slabs.

Mudjacking becomes an excellent option when such an issue arises. You need to understand that patio, driveway, or concrete slabs that have shifted don’t get associated with your home building structure.

Does my home or office building have structural issues if I request for mudjacking?

This is usually never the case. Typically, mudjacking gets done when the ground soil underneath naturally moves the concrete slabs.

Mudjacking becomes an excellent option when such an issue arises. You need to understand that patio, driveway, or concrete slabs that have shifted don’t get associated with your home building structure.

Do I need a building permit to perform mudjacking?

Not really. You don’t need a permit to do any mudjacking or concrete leveling project.

Is DIY mudjacking possible?

Yes! You can perform a DIY mudjacking task on your own. It is relatively easy to do mudjacking of your building by yourself. However, it is not an easy task to perform it on your own unless you have the skills to do it. If you are a retired contractor or a professional handyman, that is a simple task.

Have your DIY concrete raising project done by a technically trained professional to do the job and have all the necessary tools.

We have experienced professionals who can have the task done within the shortest time. You need to contact us to get skilled mudjacking technicians. S&D Mudjacking Des Moines is ranked as the best mudjacking contractor in Des Moines, IA. Give us an alert, and we will get to your hood immediately.

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